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I grew up in Navojoa, Sonora. A small town near the border of Mexico and the US, where trends are very much inspired by the US tourists that visit the amazing beach of Las Bocas every year. Back in high school, I used to design T-shirts every Spring Break for that small beach town. Everyone would get crazy about my tees, and they were a success. At that time, I just wanted to collect some extra money to enjoy my spring break with friends. Never thought that in 2020 when the lockdown started, I would gather the inspiration to sit and start designing again as I did in the old days. Fast forward to 2023, after many designs and ideas, I decided to put my vision into work, so everyone now could wear my style. I want to cover everything street and invite everyone to choose Pandemic Streetwear as their personal style. Why PANDEMIC you might ask? Because that word is bigger than a global disease, instead of focusing on its negative connotation, I want PANDEMIC to spread good vibes and confidence. Pandemic is now our new way of life; we wear it with joy and pride. We have gone through ups and downs, but we are still here stronger than ever. We want our collections to spread like a pandemic but instead of fear, we had put a fun twist into fresh cool designs.



Our Mission is to provide the best quality style of streetwear apparel for adults and teens by designing pieces that represents our pop culture and Mexican heritage. Our purpose is to embody all of the people that constitute a large city: the artists, the visionaries, the skaters, the content creators, the exercise enthusiasts, the high school crew, and everyone else working hard to make a change.


Our vision for Pandemic Streetwear ultimately is to leave a legacy for young people to be inspired. We want Pandemic Streetwear to be a lifestyle, a permission to be yourself, an open invitation for individuality and self-exploration. Our style is a way to say who we are without having to speak.


Quality: We always put quality first as a core value because we believe our costumers deserve the best materials for versatility and comfort. Besides good materials, we are part of the whole design process and make sure our partners hold the same standards. We believe quality is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. Passion: We are passionate about our brand because it is the materialization of years of hard work, creativity, insights, and self-improvement. Our passion is the armor we use to survive the reality of everyday life, without us having done the work our development would have been impossible. We are passionate because we love what we do and there’s a virtuous path for those with passion, loving and taking pride in what you do instills the motivation to work harder for our community. Self-Improvement: We are a dedicated group of individuals that embody self-improvement. We never stop working to be the best, whether it is in our personal lives or our careers. We are passionate about constantly striving to be more!




We love our customers. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Los Angeles, CA

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